so based on tumblr i was under the impression that orange is the new black was gonna have the lady whos trandgender as the main character but the main character is a queer cis white lady but the show is still really good so far and there’s a really diverse group of female characters i mean ive only seen episode 1 but good stuff so far

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OfMarian: I've decided that being body confident is a rebellion


I, like almost every other woman I know, have struggled with feeling bad about myself since…probably third grade. I am not actually fat. I just periodically become convinced that I am, and this fills me with anxiety. Recently I came to the conclusion that a) who the fuck cares if I am fat and b)…


How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement


This is a wonderful article—articulate, clear and impassioned. Everyone who is interested in preserving womens’ reproductive rights should read this 


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I am not Trayvon Martin. I am a 22 year old white, middle class female. I graduated from college, I have a job, I have traveled. The only experience that I have had with police (besides a speeding ticket, which was deserved) was being asked to leave a park after dark when I was playing capture…


What is religion?

Paul Tillich: Religion is the ultimate concern.

Alfred North Whitehead: Religion is what one does with one’s solitariness.

Simonides: Come back tomorrow.




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Hearing Tuesday on bill to ban plastic bags


SALEM — Oregon lawmakers will consider whether the state should become the first to pass a ban on plastic bags, a measure recycling advocates believe would trigger a domino effect among other states.

A bill co-sponsored by two Republicans and two Democrats would outlaw throwaway plastic check-out bags at all retail stores in Oregon, a state that is already a national leader in passing green legislation. Shoppers would be forced to bring their own bag or pay a nickel apiece for recycled paper bags under SB536.

Read Senate Bill 536

The bill’s sponsors are Democrats Sen. Mark Hass and Rep. Ben Cannon and Republicans Rep. Vic Gilliam and Sen. Jason Atkinson.

A hearing is set for Tuesday in Salem on the proposed ban, which is supported by the Northwest Grocers Association and one of the state’s biggest bag users — Fred Meyer stores.

A number of supporters, who expect a fight with the chemical industry, are framing the debate as a jobs issue.

“There are over 2,000 Oregonians employed in the paper bag manufacturing industry,” said Jon Isaacs, executive director of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. “Not one single plastic bag is produced here.”

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Born to Gaze into Night Skies

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